Bundling "Comment Party"

BillP came up with another of his great ideas which was to have Comment Parties. What’s a Comment Party? It’s when a group of people get together and write their comments together to submit to CMS on the ESRD Proposed Payment System. With the aide of a facilitator or two and the use of a conference line and a GoogleDocs form, people get together on the phone (or Skype) and the web and write their comments together. Each topic has a row and each person has a column. After talking briefly about a particular issue, a person can write their own comment in their cell. If thry don’t feel comfortable they can skip it, or borrow an idea from another person. The iddea is to have a comment ready to submit within an hour’s time.

We had our first session tonight and it was a great success. Afterwards, each person can become a leader and host their own Comment Party with family, friends, other dialyzors they know, staff members, social workers, etc. We only have until 12/16 to get as many comments in as possible to influence44 CMS with their final rules on how dialysis will be paid for in the coming years. Folks, this affects us all. To get an idea of how it works, you can go to:

Let Bill or me know if you want to participate in a Comment Party. NxStageUsers will have another one next Tuesday night at 8pm EST. We can have as many as are necessary – several a day if necessary.

We had a great Comment Party last week and are having a few more. The first one will be this Thursday night, December 3rd at 8pm EST. It will run one hour. At the end of the hour you will have a cogent comment to submit to CMS regarding the ESRD Proposed Payment System. We still have a couple of weeks to influence CMS to come out with the new rules which will more favor home dialysis. None of us should take for granted the payment system will be good for us. This is the time for people to get engaged.

Once you RSVP, I will send you the information needed to connect to the conference line we will be using. You can either do here or email bundling@nxstageusers.com.

To see a video how it works go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZdAElUbcHA.

The “Last Chance Comment Party” will take place on Thursday, 12/10 at 8pm EST.

Conference Line: 1-866-642-1665 Passcode: 944552#
Website: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=tQcnmB35vZac-1aoLSaZS-Q

Don’t miss this chance to prepare your comments with others. Linda Upchurch of NxStage will be on hand to explain what the bundle is about and breakdown the individual issues affecting home dialyzors.