Button hole haemodialysis

Hi Alan here,i do home dialysis,i live alone & at 55yrs of age,been on haemodialysis for last 7yrs,its very hard when you live alone,especially if you crash,(bottom out) after dialysis,them butterflys in the head & tummy are a spinner.
I hope to get some feed back from any of my threads,its pretty lonely out here in the bush of northern new south wales in australia & when i’m on the machine its worse,because i get on line & there’s nobody to talk to!!!Am in the same boat as many of you are out there
so feel free to get back to me…I dont bite.aksagalla@gmail.com
I do buttonhole haemodialysis,it seems a bit easier than going up & down the fistula,it creates a tunnel that i can usually feel my way in with the needle,i dont have a very big fistula like some people,i go wow!!!You coulnt miss if you tried the fistula seems giant compared to mine.They do grow with use,at first it was so small i didnt think it would work,but over 6 months it was twice the size.Good thing about buttonhole dialysis is i havent popped my fistula yet & thats 3 yrs use,4hrs every second day,before it was up & down the fistula,but my earlier years of drug use ruined my veins & i contracted hepatitas c,20yrs later with deep greif & depression the hepatitas got into my kidneys,one thing lead to another & i couldnt stop what was happening,for 4yrs i held off dialysis,the toxins got so bad i nearly died of toxiemia,silly me,i was just so stubborn,didnt want to do it…dialysis.I had to give in or die,my stubborness got me to pass pure blood in place of urine,i was hemmoraging for 48hrs.It started with a vascath:mad:I didnt like that,but it saved my life.To all you who are on dialysis,i weep for us all,especially haemodialysis,the needles hurt,but for some there is no other choice,one day we can all go mobile with some form of a dialysis backpack.My life evolves around dialysis,one day on,one day off,day off i do shopping etc,day on i stay home & eat,thats how it is when you live alone in australia on dialysis,or pay for home help which is hard when rent is so high in this country& the cost of power,i pay $101 per fortnight out of my disabilty pension for power.Feedback from the renal team is i do have the best blood out of all renal patients,mainly due to trying to eat right which has taken me quiet a while to work out what was good for me,even my renal doctor &G.P are impressed with my positive health status,just takes a bit of homework,theres lots of info out there.good luck to all,Alan

Welcome, Alan! Glad you found your way to us. Some folks here in the US dialyze by themselves, and hopefully some will pop in and talk to you. Most US clinics require a partner. How many hours are you dialyzing? How often do you crash?

Hey Alan, may I invite you to visit us on www.ihatedialysis.com ? We are a large community of pre-dialysis, dialysis and transplant patients and/or caregivers, and we have members from all over the world including quite a few from Australia. Our members receive dialysis in all kinds of ways including home hemo, and several of them dialyze alone. I think you might find lots of people to talk to! We’ll see you there!

thanx for pointing out that its not lawful to advertise what products i used to help my situation,i didnt realise i was crossing the boundries,Alan

If you don’t sell products yourself–or profit from others selling them–it’s okay to tell folks about them.

Thanks for informing me of that Dori,i do know now i’m not allowed to sell it to patients,so i wont do that,but its ok to tell people what “Sun Chlorella A” has done for me?Can i tell them where to buy products,no i’m not a business,just a home dialysis patient,live alone so it gets pretty boring as home is 10k from Lismore,NSW.
Lot of koori people are on dialysis up here & many are on the waiting list,one of the reasons i opted to do home dialysis for the second time in 7yrs.Anyway,thnx for taking time to read this,regards,Alan[QUOTE=Dori Schatell;20514]If you don’t sell products yourself–or profit from others selling them–it’s okay to tell folks about them.[/QUOTE]

I think folks can private message you if they’re interested–that will give you a better sense of who really is, too. If we get a great hue & cry about it, we can revisit that.