Buttonhole Question

I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of buttonholes being contraindicated in patients with failed transplants, Lupus, Valvular replacements, or on steroids? I read an article on this and am looking for some feedback. Thanks!

My son uses a button hole and his transplant failed 2 years ago. Can you send a link to the article? I would like to read it. Thank you.

This is an excellent manual. I will forward it to our Home Dialysis team. The Touch Cannulation technique looks like it might be of help. The other problem is my son’s skin heals over so quickly that he is still using a sharp needle for his button hole that was formed 3 months ago.

Buttonholes heal over a period of time, it’s true. The body responds by repairing the damage that has been done. Use a sharp 6 to 7 times to reestablish the track, and it should be back to normal.

Lynn, thank you so much for sharing your son’s experience. There was someone who posted about a similar problem with pain on cannulation–I think it was in Dr. Agar’s forum, so a search of the message boards might turn up what he said about it. I’ve never heard of using acupuncture, and glad it helps!

To the original poster, is it possible to share the article you read claiming contraindications to the Buttonhole technique for lupus, etc.? I’ve never heard anything of the kind and wasn’t able to find the article in PubMed. The only cautions I’ve seen with the buttonhole are about being extremely careful when removing the scabs, because there can be a risk of infection if that’s done wrong.

I will be publishing a article in the Nephrology Nursing magazine in the upcoming months on adifferent technique of cleaning buttonhole sites. THE ONE THING TO KNOW IS THE SCAB HAS TO BE REMOVED BERFORE CANNULATION. Go to http://www.fistulafirst.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=hxtwwKOQpsM%3D&tabid=127 to read the article on HUBBING". This is another interesting aspect of what can happen when cannulating buttonholes. As soon as the new article gets published, I will have Dori post it to the site.


Here is the link with the buttonhole article http://www.network13.org/QI/QI_TOOLS/FF_TOOLS.htm. Scroll down to Change Concept #8 Sample Criteria-Buttonhole Creation. If anyone could share their thoughts… Thanks!!!

Yes, very nice, well put together. Only one thing: The Art of Teaching Buttonhole Self-Cannulation (Stuart Mott, Vascular Access Nurse) shouldbe moved to Concept 13 which it was intended for. See fistula First Section 13. Other than that great pices and references, very good.