Calorie requirements

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can you tell me are the calorie requirements for people on haemodialysis the same (i.e. 1,800/2000 female) or is there an increase in metabolism on treatment? I know it depends on levels of activity also, but if you take that out of the equation, are intake requirements the same as for an ‘average’ person that is not on haemodialysis. I am on short 3hr daily (x7) treatments.

Hi Sinead,

Thank you for your question. Factors that impact calorie requirements include weight, height, activity level, as well as medical factors. Individuals on hemodialysis have increased calorie needs by about 20% compared to the “average” person. Also, protein requirements are also increased by about 25% compared to the “average” person. Patients need to eat more protein to replace protein damaged by the dialysis treatment and to prevent infection. A lot of patients work closely with their dietitian to be sure they are consuming adequate calories and protein.

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LeeAnn Smith, MPH, RD

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