Camping with an Amia machine

Hey everyone,

I am a mom of a PD patient and I want to take him camping. Does anyone know any good portable batteries that I can use to do this?

I’m thinking that you could do this a couple of different ways. First, most clinics that train patients to do PD teach them to do manual exchanges before teaching them how to use a cycler. One of the positives about PD is that you can choose to either do manual exchanges or the cycler when traveling. Patients may choose to do manual exchanges when they don’t want to have to cart a machine with them or when traveling to more remote locations where there is no electricity. The other option is to research camping areas that have electrical power. For example, KOA campgrounds may have premium tent sites with electrical power hookups. Check out Learn More on this page - Tent Camping, Tent Sites & Campgrounds | KOA.

Please stop commenting on people’s stuff, you may be a nurse, but seems you have no empathy for symptoms people have. Just cause you haven’t heard of a symptoms in the time you’ve been a dialysis nurse doesn’t mean it’s something else. I’ve read a lot of ur stuff just in the hour I’ve been on here and your paragraphs make me want to bash my head in. You aren’t a doctor, stop pretending to be.

Cstefanski20, I think you may have posted this message on a different thread than you intended to post this message on. I was commenting on how a parent could take a child who uses PD camping. I wasn’t commenting on any symptom. I’m a social worker, not a nurse. As a social worker, I tried to figure out ways people could live full lives in spite of having to do dialysis to survive.

Commented on the most recent forum so I’d know you’d see it. Everytime someone complains of a symptom you down play it and say it’s something else and nobooddyyy you’ve ever dealt with has ever experienced that, so it must not be real right? Kinda hard for someone to take suggestions from someone that has never gone through it lol. Just telling you not to down play people’s symptoms just cause you’ve never “heard other people complain about them”. You have no idea what dialysis people go through, and I’m confused of even why you are an admin on here. We don’t need social work, we need organs, and people that actually know how we feel giving actual advice that has been successful on it. Thanks.