Can a cath be made?

Can a cath be made that would would work like a graft or fistula?

My thinking is a cath small like a graft or fistula that you would tape down the ports when not in use and inuse. If you have a graft or fistula you have to use one hand to stick the needles. You could clean the ports then tape them so the ports would be held in place and just hook up.

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I think the fistula is the best thing out there right now…

Sounds kinda like the Scribner Shunt:

Sure needless dialysis sounds like it would be better but when you consider the downside of an artificial material in your body -from infection and wear - then maybe needles are okay.

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Thanks once more for your answers. I checked the site you sent. Do you think that in today world the the divice could made better?

I’m looking at fistula but I really need more input. I’m thinking that I’m going to be on dialysis for some yrs to come , and I just want more real answers not the Gold saying. I think out side the box,if I see a machine or tool I say can it be made better. I’m on nxstage right now because it seem the simplest of the machines. And right now I have may hands full.
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Here is something to consider - most of the time we are not on dialysis. With a Fistula when you are not on dialysis your body doesn’t have any artificial materials triggering your immune system.

I too plan on being on dialysis for a long time. A fistula, since it is a natural part of the body, can heal after being stuck with a needle, a graft (or the Scribner Shunt) is damaged with every stick. I have found the buttonhole cannulation method to be a great access solution and it is only doable if you have a fistula.

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Bobeleanor, I have to tell you that you made my day when you wrote that Home Dialysis Central helped you to know about and do home treatments. That’s exactly why we did it! I’d love to know how many other folks learned about home dialysis on the site and got started with it.

As far as a catheter in the arm, there was a thread about catheters vs. fistulas that outlined the reasons why it’s so important to have an access that is made only out of your own tissue (vs. the plastic or metal that would form any sort of catheter. You can read it at and then let us know what you think.

(If this URL doesn’t work, look for the Port vs. Fistula thread dated at the end of Feb. It was on about page 4 of the threads.)

I know 30 years ago that my father had the shunt, exactly what you describe. However, they clot off pretty quickly, I believe he had two before they made his fistula.



That was my post Dori on port vs fistula. I’ve done more homework on the subject. The one I learned is that dialysis is looked at as a mature process. So change comes slowly if at all. I don’t want to debate , I just wanted to see if anyone had heard or knew of some thing new or old. Maybe something that was done yrs. ago could be refined.

Bill , gave the web for the Lasker group. Which in turn led me to other sites.

It all about getting information, I’m in no hurry, I’m going to dialysis the rest of my life. That the great thing about this site. You can post things and get many answers.
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Having something sticking out of us is a big risk for infection. Getting an infection in the blood stream can cause heart problems and even death. Needling is less risky, as long as you follow correct procedure.

There was a catheter that was placed under the skin with a button type entrance. Many people thought it sounded like a good idea and a way to reduce the pain of needle sticks. Unfortunately it didn’t work as well as people hoped. Some patients using it got infections and some of them died. The company that made this dialysis access is now out of business.

Maybe there will be a catheter in the future that works as well as a graft, but nothing is every as good as using your own body tissues so I can’t imagine any man-made device that would ever be as good as a fistula. This is why the federal government is push so hard to get doctors to recommend fistulas, surgeons to learn how to do fistulas even in people with small vessels, and to help patients understand why it’s so good to get a fistula early so it can develop before it’s needed.

As much as Im not keen on having a fistula, it has its benefits. You can swim! You can get it wet, and you dont have to dress it every day.
Even though permacath’s dont require you to have needles, they dont exactly feel very nice, well I dont think they do anyway. I became allergic to every bit of dressing that was put on it, and it took alot of effort not to rip the dressing off and scratch the heck out of it. Although, in my sleep I scratched around the sides til it bled :?
My fistula does get itchy, but not much you can do, its keeping me alive

Are latex gloves used on your fistula? Could be that or something else that touches it that you have built up an alergy to.

I’d say its the latex in some tapes and of course the gloves. I’d had that same problem, but all I did was get non-latex gloves and don’t use tape for long periods. Also using non-latex bandaids…

I do home dialysis, so there arent any gloves used. It is the tape I use. Its for sensitive skin, but still makes me itch. The only other thing we can order that I know of is micropore, and Im really allergic to that. The bandaids make it worse Ive found, so now I just use gauze and tape, and stretch it so that the tape isnt sticking on the itchy bits.

Do you use SteriGel? I use to use that which was causing rashes and breaking my skin so I stopped using that.

Perhaps the tape you use contains latex?

What is sterigel gus?
I dont think the tape contains latex. Im not allergic to latex thankfully. And I dont think it helps when you are having to constantly apply and remove tape to the same area. Had an awful time when I had the PD catheter too, always itching.

I do buttonholes. We just use alcowipes and this green antiseptic stuff called persist plus. Cant remember whats in it. I know the alcohol wipes wouldnt be too good for the skin either, but neither are infections.
I moisturise if I think of it, but Im a bit slack in that department. Now its coming up to winter ill probly do it more, as I get a rash on alot of my body in the cold weather. If its really bad I use steroid cream, as its the only thing that stops me itching it til it bleeds.

What do you mean by cloth bands?