Can any one please tell where I can donate PD dialysis supplies?

My father recently pass away. We have so much supplies for PD Dailysis at home. We have caps and cassette and many other supplies related to PD dialysis at home. I think it just a waste to just throw all unopened boxes of supply away. Anyone know where I can donate the supplies or where I can give it away will be great thank you.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

PD solutions are considered prescribed drugs. In the U.S. they can’t be used by another person and because fluids weigh so much, I don’t know if any international organization will take them for people overseas. You might try this organization - Donate Equipment - AMRF. You might want to check with a vet school, veterinarian’s office, or zoo to see if they can use any of those supplies including dialysate. If you can’t find anyone to take the dialysate, patients have said that they’ve drained the bags on their grass or garden and plants seem to like it.

I would contact the clinic that was handling his treatment. They may have a solution dor picking up some supplies.I

The PD solutions are considered prescription medicines and in the U.S. they can’t be used by someone other than the person they were prescribed for. If your clinic won’t take them back to patient education or training, you might want to contact a local animal clinic =or an organization in your town that provides vet care for rescued animals or a vet school. Others have who couldn’t find a place to take them have cut the bags of solution and drained the fluid onto their garden.

Try Doctor’s Without Borders. I’ve donated excess OD supplies there and they are greatly appreciative. Look online for a location near you. Hope this helps.

Hi Eddie,

The Doctors Without Borders website says they don’t accept in-kind donations, like medical supplies. Darn!