Can I choose supplier of PD products?

Hi Beth, I have been on home pd for for almost two years and have had great results. My Dr. Tells me to keep doing what I’ve been doing, all is great. My numbers on everything is where they should be. I have used only Baxter products and cycler but I happen to be in a Fresenius clinic. Now I am told I must switch to fresenius products and cycler because fresenius didn’t renew their contract with Baxter. Can they do that!?I feel like I’m being manipulated. It also seems like a big time conflict of interest. I was told from the beginning that I could use any company, now that seems not to be the case. I am pleased with Baxter in every way and I hate being bullied. Do I have options?

A dialysis provider is allowed to contract with any supplier. If you prefer Baxter equipment and supplies and you like your clinic and doctor, you may want to try them to see how you like them. If you don’t like them and your clinic doesn’t have a contract with Baxter, you may have to switch to another provider which may mean you have to change doctors too.