Can not drain fully while sleeping

I am on PD. I am connected to a Fresenius cycler. If I sleep through a cycle the machine only drains 3/4 of the fluid it put in (2000ml). To get a full drain plus ultrafiltration I must sit up. A second problem is the rate at which I drain. Sometimes I drain fast, 5 min / 500ml, other times I drain much slower, (12 min / 500ml). All of this results in poor sleep. The drained fluids are clear. Any help?

Eugene, you might try asking this question of Jean Bernardini, our Expert PD nurse ( My suspicion is that your catheter may not be in the best spot. Catheters can be moved, if that’s the problem. Many folks do Tidal PD to leave some fluid in their bellies at night to avoid drain pain, so it may really just the LAST drain of the night where you need to fully drain–ask her about that. Sleep is vital to your health!

Did you ever find a solution to this problem. I have been on HD for about 3 weeks now and have the exact same problem. I can only fully drain while sitting up. While lying down, I typically reach about 1300 ml and then the alarm awakes me. Sleep is severely suffering.

Report this to your home training nurse and your nephrologist and ask them to check the placement of your catheter. Also, call the company that made your machine and ask to speak to a clinical nurse educator. He/she may have some other ideas.

I don’t know if this is a recent post and still an issue for people or its been resolved. Several things we did made a difference while Mom was on PD. That included: 1) making sure Mom was positioned in bed to ensure she was not crunched up, and, hips higher than belly. Did this by elevating the foot of the BED 12 inches, as Mom was non compliant with elevating her legs. 2.) Pay attention to whether constipation was an issue as it’s tough to expet to drain properly if the catheter is being pinched by backed up stool. 3) rotate onto left and right side with the “top” arm out like you going to grab onto the safety pole and pay attention to which side drains better. That’s the side to want to be on to aid draining if you are having trouble draining while lying flat. By the way, having the bed elevated and correcting the physical way Mom was stretched out, eliminated those leg cramps she used to get EVERY night, when her position was crumpled uo.