Cannulation problems

I just finished home hemo training with my husband. I put the needles in. Everytime this week we’re we were told do start the rope ladder technique for the venus we had a good push but no pull. It actually happened with our nurse the last time she came to assist on Monday. What causes a good push but no pull?

the needle tip is up against the wall which happens in some new fistulas. It will stop after the fistula is used for a month are so. It happens more in the art with the pump pulling in blood but it will all work over a very short time. THE IS BUTTONHOLES FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR FISTULA
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Turn the need over first to see if that helps, are you getting an initial flash?

Yes good flash and flow down the tube. The nurse said I’m probably not going deep enough. So today I went deeper. Good push and pull them hooked him up the machine. We always start at 200 pressure then go to 350. Well at 200 the venus immediately went to 300 and my husband said it did not feel right. He could feel the saline going in and his arm looked like it was swelling. On call nurse didn’t answer. I wasn’t sure if I could return his blood to through arterial. We use a Nxstage machine. I called Nxstage. It had been 5 minutes and I was still on hold so I hung up and disconnected him. he lost some blood. It hadnt even run through the dializer yet. So hopefully that’s not a lot. But his arm doesn’t hurt or look bruised! So maybe I didn’t infiltrate. Idk what happened.

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