CAPD patient from outside US


I know there was similar topic in the past but it was more than 15 years ago. My mother currently resides in Thailand. She does CAPD every day. She has to travel to USA due to issues with our family. She will be here for a month. I am desperate to get supply for her here. I tried to reach out to Baxter Thailand to see if they can place international order but have not heard anything yet. Just for plan B, I am wondering if I can have her set up with the nephrologist here to have prescription written for her solution? Do you know how much it will cost?

Thank you very much.

Nan Hong

If my research is correct, most of those in Thailand get dialysis under the Universal Coverage Scheme (universal healthcare). Patients who choose CAPD pay nothing, but I believe there is a charge for HD. Does she have a social worker or other staff at her clinic who can help her find out if UCS will provide her CAPD treatments in the U.S. or find out if Baxter could make arrangements to get the supplies shipped from a location in the U.S. to save money on shipping solutions? In the U.S. Medicare pays for care in the U.S., but not in foreign countries.

Dialysis clinics are not transparent about their dialysis charges. I’d suggest you look on Dome Dialysis Central’s Find a clinic database to find a clinic in your area that offers CAPD. Insert your state and city or zip code and choose a radius from 5-120 miles to the clinic from your location. You will get a list of clinics. Call one or more clinics to find out if they use Baxter CAPD supplies and ask who you could talk with about the cost of a month of CAPD supplies and if a doctor who works with patients at that clinic would be willing to prescribe it based on what her Thailand doctor prescribes. You can find the database here - Clinic Search - Find a Clinic - Home Dialysis Central.