Caravan setup for travelling

Been doing peritoneal dialysis for 18 months and when travelling been staying at caravan parks. We now want to set our caravan up so we can run the machine off the batteries converted to 240V. My caravan currently has 2x120Ah batteries and 1 120Ah solar panel with a 140Ah portable available.This setup isn’t capable to running the machine for the 8 hours required or recharging the batteries for the follow night.

Has anyone set up their caravan for peritoneal dialysis, what did you have to do and an approximate cost? Looking at doing it myself because i’m suspecting it’s just replacing things or increasing things.

You might want to join the closed Home Dialysis Central Facebook group. There are a number of people from the U.S. and other countries that have traveled with PD and HD machines. You might get an answer faster there. You request to join, answer a few simple questions, and one of the moderators will let you into the group where only those in the group will see posts.