Care After PD Catheter Is Inserted?

Hi. My husband just got a PD catheter inserted. Could someone else please share there experiences with taking care of the surgery site and catheter. We were told to let the bandage on for 6 days until we see the surgeon for follow up appointment. We were given no other instructions.

I just do not want him to get an infection. I read something about having to keep it dry. I was just concerned about not changing the bandage for 6 days. I would appreciate any information that you can give me.



Here is information from Toronto, Ontario Canada that was published on the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis website. I’d print this and show it to the home training nurse or kidney doctor and ask if it is the same as or somewhat different from the procedure that they’re going to teach your husband to follow. Call the home training nurse who is going to train your husband soon to be sure you know all the next steps and can assure that his catheter heals quickly and his risk of infection is low.

I truly thank you for your assistance. I appreciate your time and help!