Caregiver wish list

As patients, we depend on our caregivers’ support to get through each tx- it is a tremendous sacrifice and we know that. What do caregivers wish their loved one on dialysis could do for them?

For me Just the little things. Like I work 4 days a week and having Ralph make dinner or just pick up a few things around the house is such a help.
Of course a THANK YOU is always appreciated.
I know for me it is the love for Ralph that keeps me going.
God Bless.
PS. We were featured in an article on Friday. I will post link on the Hemodialysis thread.

I agree with Pat. Pay attention to the little ways you can help ease the load for your care partner. Most of the time and attention is on the patient, so when Ted asks me how I’m doing and what can he do to help me, that means a lot. We also have our own medical problems that need care and sometimes we don’t have time to tend to our own needs, whether it is our own doctor appts, or time for exercise, enough sleep, etc. If I don’t take care of myself, then I can’t be a good caregiver for my hubby, but it’s hard to find time.

So, do whatever you can for yourself during treatment so you care partner can relax at least a little. During the rest of the time, run errands, do anything you can around the house so the care partner doesn’t have to try to do everything.

Today my sweetie had put some wrapped chocolates in his pocket before dialysis. Just after I got him on the machine, he reached over, held my hand and put the chocolate in my hand and said, “thanks for all you do for me.” That means so much & was a nice surprise! :slight_smile:

Blessings to you,

Well, my husband is very appreciative that I partner with him and he tries to do as much of it as he can to spare me. I have to admit that working full time and doing this is a challenge, because there are some evenings I just want to go home and veg and NOT do the HD - but I also know that it’s the best thing for my husband’s health and that makes me want to do it. I guess for me the best thing the patient can do is handle as much of it as he/she can so their partner can do other things even while keeping an eye on them.

Caregivers can never be thanked enouph. Without caregivers, there would be far fewer people that would be able to enjoy the benefits of Home Dialysis. Many do not realize how stressful it is for them and what they must go through as well as the patient. It takes dedication and true love for someon to share their time in order to take care of somone.

Thanks to all the Caregivers out There!!!