Caretaker Conerns? or no

My name is Guy and I’m Karens~ Fiance and Care Taker. I would like to know how many others on the forum are getting Peritoneal Dialysis, Nocturnal or Daytime treatments, How many have Animals and how many do you have? Karen and I have 8 Cats and a Sheltie Collie, the animals are karen’s life. I understand as a Care Taker that the Treatment room has to be sterile, free from movement of little air, but the way Karen lets the animals on the bed, which I like them to sleep with us, but since Karen is getting Nocturnal, while she sleeps, I feel like I’ll have to “Post Guard” outside of our bedroom to watch the animals and she still wants the dog to be able to sleep in bed, maybe 1 cat. And since I’m a clean freak, the sanitary problems are solved but,…the movement of animal “hair” is what I’m worried about? Plus the animals cats love Karen and one there’s always one of the cats that want to be "on her " 24/7. I’m worried about the animal hair and the safety of Karen’s Cath line in her stomach. Should I be??
Thank you for reading,

We have three cats and I have a hard enough time keeping cat hair out of the air and off the floors. We also have one dog but he is crated at night, so he doesn’t make as much mess. You might want to look into a portable room filter that basically filters the air. It’s not the cat hair but more the dander and small dust that is harder to see.


Thank you for your reply. We bought a air purifier a couple of weeks ago and a new hepa vac just for the room. And I put up a sturdy removable screen door when we need it during treatment. So we should be OK. The doctors are holding off the PD as long as Karen’s creatnine stays where it is. I’ve been busy working on Karens website for Lupus and thats why I’ve been busy. Thank you again for your thought.