Catheter removal

My husband George, had been doing PD for nearly 4 years, going extremely well, good readings and results. He had 3 bouts of peritonitis recently in quick success. In November he was hospitalised but they said it was chemical as no organism grew. About 4 weeks later he had another bout just came home a week and was back in hospital - this time organisms grew. We wondered if he contacted something in hospital. Anyway the upshot of it all was that nearly two weeks ago he had to have his catheter removed. He was very sick and still is.
He is now doing incentre HD - has a lot of fluid in his peritoneum which is difficult to remove. They have told him that he may be able to go back on PD after his peritoneum has a rest for some time but he is reluctant to do this. Has anyone gone back on after having similar problems to him?
They did say he could do Home HD - he is relectant to do this - maybe when he is feeling better he may reconsider.
His urine output was well over 1litre, but has dropped to 400mls which is disappointing too. Will this improve again does anyone know?

I also had to have my catheter removed but it was due to EPS - encapsulated peritoneal sclerosis. A very rare and painful result of long term PD. Your peritoneum scars and fibrotic tissue spreads all thoughout the cavity. I causes bowl obstructions and you tend to use much weiht. Nutrition is a big factor.
I will never be able to do PD again. I had to be switched to Hemo.