Catheter tube pulling on exit site

Does anyone have a solution to prevent the catheter tube pulling on the exit site and causing redness and pain.

I usually use paper tape to keep it still Nd I made a fabric belt to keep it from moving

If you don’t want to make your own PD belt, you can buy PD belts here -

Try taping the catheter about 1" from the site to keep it stable. Then you can wrap and tape the rest of it or use a belt. Results for me, it doesn’t rub or hurt.

I agree with the above post, that taping the catheter securely about 1 inch from the exit site should stabilize it and minimize the risk of tugging. It is important to never tape the catheter down with any tension on the catheter. It needs to have a little slack in it to allow for movement. The patients in my PD Unit use Medipore tape. It is stretchy, contours to the skin, and stays adhered to the skin with body movement.

Alan Falcioni MSN, RN, CNN

Thank you for your suggestions.