Cats and PD

I thought you all might find this interesting. I have been a Pd patient for just over three years and I am doing very well. My best friend MIJA is a cat and I have had her for just over 17 years a few months back I noticed she started to lose weight and lost interest in eating and it occurred to me that her symptoms were jus like mine well some blood work proved me right and she has kidney failure in the beginning we just gave her fluids twice per week but it looks like that is coming to and end with the help of my neph and some from the vet I have found a surgeon who will place a pd cath for her and because I have all the supplies the cost will be small the meds are even all the same so my little friend will be doing pd once or twice per day soon. The complications from Pd are different in cats so the vet guesses we can stretch this out maybe for 2 years or so give or take. I owe her at least the effort…………

You may have the peritoneal dialysis solution, but how are you going to give your cat some of the solution without short-changing yourself and/or contaminating one of you? I know someone whose cat developed kidney failure and she did the subcutaneous fluid therapy described on this website and kept her cat alive for at least a couple of years.

You honestly don’t think I would share a bag with the cat I mean get real; you must think I am stupid. As far as the supplies go I have made arrangements with my supplier to pay for some additional bags and by the way it’s so few they offered it for free. . Your post was an insult to any one on PD. Maybe we might learn something………………

I’m sorry you took offense at what I wrote and I didn’t mean to accuse you of being stupid. I was asking an honest question about how you were going to do this and suggesting an alternative approach (subcutaneous fluid) that has been used successfully for years in cats with kidney failure.

I had a dog that died of kidney failure and the vet had told me about subcutaneous fluid for cats, but told me that it wasn’t as successful in dogs. Your posting sent me to the pet website where I read what was being done. In reading the section on PD, it said it was used for acute kidney failure in cats. I’m sure if your vet suggested you try PD, there may now be more experience using PD than the website implied.

Having worked in dialysis for years, I know that patients don’t always understand how home supplies are billed. Nephrologists prescribe the number of cases of each concentration of PD solution the patient uses (1.5, 2.5, 4.25) and other supplies that come from the supply company based on each patient’s individual need. The supply company bills the dialysis clinic when it delivers supplies. The clinic then bills Medicare or insurance monthly for each day the patient performs his/her PD. It’s great that the supply company is willing to provide you free PD solution for your cat. I hope your cat’s treatment keeps him/her alive and active for a long time. Keep us informed.

Hi Guest. I’m fascinated that both you and your cat will be doing PD. In fact, this is such a cool story, that I wonder if (once you get your cat started) you might even want to contact your local media and see if they are interested in doing a story on it. From what we see, most people who are on dialysis today don’t know that PD is an option–and certainly there can’t be too many pet owners who have cats on PD!

Anyway, it’s something to think about. If you want to find your local media contacts easily, you can do it right from this site–here’s the link & you just put in your zip code.

Good luck–and do let us know how it goes. Photos would be great if you’re willing to share them.