CCPD Machines - costs and where to buy

Recently my brother in India has been told by his doctor that he needs to start CCPD or CAPD. He is diabetic and also had a by-pass surgery 4 years ago.

Now, does anybody have recommendations on which PD machine to buy and how much it costs in USA and where to by them?

Any information or pointers will be much appreciated.

I would assume whoever is going to furnish the dialysite solution would also furnish the machine. My solution & machine came/come from Baxter. I do not own the machine I use - it is leased to my dialysis clinic whom charges me (or my insurance company) for the use of it.

First, CAPD is a kind of treatment that can be done manually without a machine. Most people do it 4 times a day – breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, bedtime. CCPD does require a machine. Both types of dialysis require that the patient and/or a helper is trained over a week or so to do the dialysis treatment. Your brother’s kidney doctor should be able to tell you how people in India get supplies.

Here’s an article that talks about dialysis in India and says that people in India do CAPD.