Certif/ lic

Can someone explain to me the difference between certification and licensing for a home hemo program? We are in the process of starting up a home hemo program and this certification and licensing issue is confusing. Who does what?
Please don’t direct me to my administrators as they have never clearly answered the question either.


Medicare is the agency that certifies a clinic to do home dialysis. The Conditions for Coverage (ESRD regulations) contain information about what is required to offer home hemo. You can read a brief description and look at the current regulations under Medicare FAQs on this website at www.homedialysis.org/v1/medicare/faqs-pros.shtml#10. Some states have licensure for dialysis clinics too. A clinic applies to be certified to provide specific services.

Medicare contracts with the state health departments to perform surveys and to certify clinics. Health departments also make sure that any licensure requirements are met by healthcare and other providers that they oversee. Therefore, your state health department is probably the best resource for what you need to know about getting certified (and licensed, if needed) to do home hemo. You could contact your ESRD Network at www.esrdnetworks.org to find out how to contact the appropriate agency or look for this information on the Medicare website at www.medicare.gov. Look for “Find Helpful Phone Numbers and Websites.” Choose to search by topic. Select your state and “quality of care/complaints.” This should get you to the folks that survey clinics and the ones that can answer your questions.

Good luck!

Also check out the link on this site to a step-by-step process of how to get a clinic certified to offer home dialysis.

Go to:
(http://www.homedialysis.org/v1/resources/#ProfessionalEducation), and scroll down under the “REIMBURSEMENT” category. You can not only see the steps, but the document also links to every one of the forms your clinic will need to complete the process.