Check out YOUR clinic in the ProPublica database

ProPublica has put together a brand new database of detailed information about U.S. dialysis clinics. Find yours!

Wow actual data. When do we ever get actual numbers?!

Be sure to check out the actual DFRs - the 2002 to 2010 full reports are available as PDFs. Look at the summary for a particular unit, at the bottom of the unit’s summary there is a line of years from 2002 - 2010. Click on 2010 to see the PDF of the 2010 DFR for that unit. They give actual numbers!

Thanks, Bill! I’m going to look up a few of my favorite (and not so favorite) clinics and see how they look. :slight_smile:

Davita Lufikin

There is a cool feature where you can rank all units in a state by all sorts of criteria.

Go to the front page

Select from the state list. You should get to a page that shows a map with the units represented by dots; underneath the map a scrollable list of all the dialysis units in the state. I selected California so it’s a list of over three hundred units.

Between the map and the list there is a box “SELECT FACILITY CRITERIA THAT MATTER TO ME”. Click the box.

Now when you check one or more of the boxes. Those categories are now displayed as part of the list of all the units. You can click on the column heading to sort the list. Very cool.

Its about time that those on dialysis can look up information on their clinic. This is long overdue. The only thing is, one group who should be able to view these results never will. I am referring to those who dialyze in center. The ones involved most are going to be kept out of the loop.

I believe that each dialysis center should be required to post their results in a public area and hand them out to every new dialyzor that comes through the door.