Check out YOUR clinic - New ProPublica database

ProPublica has put together a brand new database of detailed information about U.S. dialysis clinics. Find yours!

There is a hard case made by Pelican Industries, Model 1610 that the Baxter Homechoice fits inside for traveling. Does anyone know if I have to buy any foam inserts along with the case or will the cycler fit inside without buying the extra foam? Thanks.

Update from the Pro Publica website:

This database was last updated in June 2016. It should only be used as a historical snapshot. Newer facility data is available at Medicare’s website

(and they provide a link to the “Find & compare nursing homes, hospitals & other providers near you.” page within the Medicare website.)

Thanks, Vivek. We are well aware of the Medicare database, but don’t necessarily go back into old message board posts to give updates like these.