Check saline and supplies on plane or ship ahead?

Of course I will check the NxStage on the plane but how about a case of saline and a fairly large box of daily use supplies (needles, gauze, pads etc etc)?

Have any of you been able to check the above on a plane without hassle and free of charge?

We are leaving in a week for 15 days in Disney World.


Hi Wendy,
Have you read our article about flying with a PD cycler or NxStage System One? It’s here: NxStage will ship supplies within the Continental US, so you could reduce your hassle by bringing enough for one treatment and relying on them for the rest. Since you’ll be there for 15 days, I wonder if they might be willing to send you a machine and Pureflow to use, too? (You’d have to ask them–I have no idea).

Please be aware that hotels may charge you for accepting packages. You might talk with a manager before you arrive and see if you can get a waiver, since the packages are life-saving medical equipment. You don’t want to be hit with a $20 per box fee…

NxStage system one.
they don’t ship saline or the daily use supplies. They are shipping dialysate, warmer bags and cartridges only. The rest is up to me.

The hotel (Radisson) has no problem with the shipment. I am just curious if others have been able to bring a case of saline and a box of supplies on the plane or if they mailed them ahead of time. I didn’t think to ask about shipping a pureflow. Great idea - for next time I guess. Everything has already been arranged for bagged dialysate etc.

Thanks, Dori.

Ahh. Well, if you ship them ahead, you won’t have to hassle with the airlines–although they might take them for free and FedEx or UPS would charge you. But you could also track the shipment and call the hotel to be sure your package arrives…