Checklist of home HD tasks? (Daily & Nocturnal)

Hi y’all,

I’m working on a book draft about dialysis and could really use some help from you. If you have a checklist that you’re willing to share of tasks related to home HD–everything from ordering supplies to set-up, treatment, and clean-up, I’d love to see it. :slight_smile:

Off the top off my head

Ordering, monthly stock check and delivery of all disposables, from NHS contracted company.
I won’t quote the stocklist but it’s 2 pages long:)
Clinical waste and sharps collected weekly by local authority.

Equipment, and storage, part in the treatment room and bulk stock in cellar.
Treatment room contains Gambro AK95 plus 3 filters, 2 gauges (for pressure) including RO unit.
Sink, chair, table (the latter left over from PD hehe)

Put on, sterile pack, needles, syringes, tape, gauze, videne
Obs are recorded for each session, as well as recordings for AV pressures, TMP, conductivity, flow rate, etc.

Take off, guaze, and plasters.

Disinfection, heat and chemical (citric, and hypochloride)

Filters changed by technicians once every 3 months, annual service of machine by manufacturer.


Sure - would love to help with your task list! Some of the tasks will be unit specific - but I assume you are looking for a list that would include everything and then identify those that may be unit specific? Sort of like a “day in the life”?

Yes, that would be perfect! Sorry for the delay–lots of travel this month.