I know it is not a good idea for renal patients to get dietary advice from the popular media, and I don’t usually do so, but I have a question about chocolate. I have this underlying worry (probably stemming from the fact that while my mother was on dialysis, she was malnourished) that the pre-renal/renal diet is lacking some important micronutrients, so I tend to turn myself into a bit of a pretzel thinking about this topic. I understand that good quality chocolate that has a high cocoa content is rich in antioxidents. Looking at my nifty-neato phosphorus chart, I see that chocolate is on the “high phos” list, but I am wondering what it is exactly that makes it high in phosphorus. Is it the milk content in milk chocolate that makes it high in PO4, or is it the cocoa? Is chocolate that is higher in cocoa content also higher in phos, or would the inverse be true, ie the lower the milk content, the lower the phos?

(I know this is sort of a ticky-tacky question, but I’m curious. We are often told that such and such a food is high in such and such a mineral, but we’re not told more specific information.) I have bought myself a bar of chocolate with 72% cocoa, and I have a square of it maybe every other day. I guestimate that I’m looking at maybe a third of an ounce at a time.)

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

A Chocolate may have coca but it depends on a particular brand that what percentage .It can increase fat in body.Coca is the reason for phosphorus that make it antioxidant.

I’m pretty sure you mean cocoa, evelyngloria, not coca, which is a different plant (it is the one from which cocaine is made). :wink: Sometimes one letter can make a real difference! Best wishes.