Well, I just finished a rare, and careless treatment. Firstly since I was in a rush today, I accidently took the cap off compeletely while bleeding the post filter cap port and got an Error Code 10 (air in Venous Line). That took awhile to clear.

FInally, after rinseback, I didn’t hold one of my accesses long enough (another rare event) and blood started streaming down my arm. It’s a good thing I use chux/underpads (an absolute necessity for anybody doing dialysis.

I don’t know how other centers operate regarding supplies, but I was forced to buy my own (that’s another story). Well, what to do – eBay of course! I bought 300 last year from a place in Wisconsin for about $45, including shipping. I was about to run out last week and needed to reorder. Lo and behold, I found another and better deal.

Rather than getting it through eBay, I called their tollfree number direct and got 300 pads for $25, including shipping, and I got it the next day (they happen to be in my area). This is an absolutely great deal. I just started using the new pads and my arm remained dry alnd the blood went right through the pad’s membrane.

I’m not trying to violate a rule by pushing a particular product or vendor – just trying to pass along some savings to anybody that needs to get their own.

Rich Berkowitz
Skokie, IL

NxStage 2/06
In-Center 3/03

Rich, if this place was interested, they could put a free “ad” in our Helpful Products Catalog ( to make them easier for folks to find. Chux are terrific, and I don’t know that anyone else makes anything similar. Anyway, if you think of it, mention the option the next time you order.

Dori, this order should last me a year, so I won’t be reordering for awhile. But if you want to call them for the organization, they may be receptive. They do have a complete catalog of medical supplies BTW, their catalog price for the same chux is $39, so it really was an incredible deal.

I don’t understand why you had to buy them - they seem like part of the basic supply set. Were you supplied a chair and scale?

My clinic already supplies these for me. I don’t understand why any clinic wouldn’t supply them for their patients.

Our clinic also supplies them!!!
And many many other things!
We even have those travel bags for the Nxstage.
1 per center for now but with people traveling they are considering ordering more.
Sounds good to me.

We found that a good solution to chux was the purchase of shop towels from home depot or loews. They are white cotton, wash well, and are better than thin chux just in case you have a bleed. Throw em in the wash and done!

Medicare covers my pads and they work just fine. Erich