Claustrophobia and PD

I am a the main caregiver for my 91 yo mother and do her home PD. She has been claustrophobic all her life but the last two nights she woke with claustrophobic anxiety. I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this situation.

Sdcaregiver, your mom is fortunate to have you helping her. I’m curious why you attribute her anxiety to claustrophobia, specifically? Kidney failure is anxiety-provoking all by itself! It can certainly feel confining to be connected to a machine, and it may be that manual exchanges where she can disconnect might make her feel less “tethered.”

She is 91 and has had claustrophobia all her life. She attributes the anxiety to claustrophobia, not me. She has been on dialysis for 15 months and has never had these closed-in feelings before. She is on the Amnia machine and I do ALL her hook ups because she cannot remember how to do it.
Last night, on advice from PD nurse, I unhooked her for an hour so she could sit in the living room.

Hi, being a PD patient myself that wakes at night feeling “claustrophobic and anxious” maybe I can shed some light. I have sleep apnea which starves my brain of oxygen thus I wake feeling closed in and my heart is racing and I’m hyperventilating trying to catch up. I don’t wish sleep apnea on anyone but if the shoe fits I wish her many restful nights.

Sdcaregiver, has your mother had a sleep study to see if she might have sleep apnea? Then again, I’ve read that some people report that using a CPAP can contribute to claustrophobia and it’s apparently not the mask according to this research study.