CMS withholding information

Wonder why CMS wouldn’t want to let info out?

Oh, yeah!

Arlene, who I mentioned in the above post, is pretty reliable when it comes to this sort of thing, but figured I would write my state health department to confirm this - and hope for a misunderstanding. And maybe they could explain CMS’s reasoning.

Plugger, maybe I’m missing something, but these Propublica articles are from last November. Is there anything new?

Propublica did put out another article the day before yesterday:

My understanding is CMS hasn’t been very forthcoming with these 2567 inspection reports, but I got a call from Arlene and Daniel Wolfe from Health and Human Services is saying 2567s will be released now.

If you read that article you will see that CMS plans to include data from the Dialysis Facility Reports on Dialysis Facility Compare. Currently, each facility has access to its own facility DFR to be able to compare its data to other facilities in the state, Network, and U.S. Facilities can use this report to direct improvement efforts. Some do, some don’t. Certain data from the DFRs are used to determine which have poor outcomes that may warrant a survey. If you want to see a sample of the Dialysis Facility Reports, a sample of the State Profile and a sample of a Region Profile, visit:

I apologize for a miscommunication. I thought something new was going on here, but it is something CMS has been doing all along! That’s all!

I don’t take back the crack about Libya and North Korea though.