Co-pays for @home PD?


I can get no clear answers to a question I have been asking for months. We are on a Medicare Advantage plan through hubby’s retirement plan. Hubby is the patient. He started PD at home in August. Since then we have been getting bills for $5/day co-pays.

Our plan is United Healthcare Medicare Solutions. Our insurance overall has been spectacular. Between us we have had several surgeries, many scans, hospitalizations, chemo, medications, etc. But I cannot get anyone to show me exactly WHERE in our coverage that it says we must pay a daily co-pay for doing the PD at home.

Any info or guidance would be appreciated.

Eileen Cordova
Sierra Vista AZ

Is your UHC health plan a Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare with a UHC Medigap plan?

Hello Beth,

Our plan is a United Healthcare Medicare Advantage PPO.

If you want to email me the policy, I’ll try to make sense of it. Send to

Thank you. I’m attaching 2 .pdf files to your email…I hope this is what you’re looking for.

I hope you got my email. After reviewing the policy from the Medicare Advantage plan, it states there is a $5 copay for renal dialysis. Because it doesn’t specify a specific type of dialysis, I suspect the copay applies to dialysis done at home (PD or HHD) or in-center. Original Medicare’s 20% coinsurance would be over $20 per day of PD.

Hello Beth. Somehow I did miss the last email…so sorry! I reviewed the attachments and want to thank you again for all the assistance with this subject. I know we have great insurance through Stan’s retirement plan, and are fine with paying the daily copays. Just wanted to actually see the wording that states we have to pay everyday copays. Thank you again!

You’re very welcome. Sorry I didn’t answer here sooner.