If a Patient started Hemo dialysis in center on July 17, and had sef-dialysis training starting on October 7. The medicare would start from October or July . How about COB which would start from October or from July? Thanks


Medicare can be backdated to the first of the month dialysis started IF self-dialysis training starts prior to the first day of the third full month of dialysis. The patient’s training started too late to get backdating. Therefore, the first date that he/she would be eligible for Medicare would be October 1. The Medicare secondary payer clock starts on the date the patient is first eligible for Medicare, whether or not he/she enrolls. In this patient’s case, the COB clock would start October 1.

Thank you very much for the reply.Now I understand that if the patient started the training anyday before october 1, then the medicare could start 1 July.

Thanks a lot.