For those on SDD and Nocturnal programs, was there an improvement in your skin color when you began dialyzing more frequently?

“Your color looks so much better.” - is/was the most frequent comment I receive. I think when people say I don’t “look like” a dialysis patient, my skin color is what they are referring to but I like to say “Oh, you thought I’d be taller?”

Hi y’all,

I can’t remember exactly when the first time was that I met Bill, but it was probably 6 or 7 years ago, and I usually run into him at least a couple of times a year. This year, I saw him in February and then again in May after he’d started daily dialysis–and his skin color DOES look a lot better! He looks terrific! :smiley:

This was the first comment I got - about having colour again.

“Your hands look alive!” Your finger nails look great!"…your face is just as nice as Antonio Banderas…har har… :lol:

That’s what they say… :roll:

Antonio Banderas??? Wow, how soon does this transformation happen lol?

Dori the first time we met was in cyber-space on D_S in either late 1995 or early 1996. I think the first time we met in “meat-space” was Labor Day 1997 at the Pheonix AAKP. I drove down there with Mike Matson - we stopped in Vegas on the way there and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on the way back. It was a great road trip. I think the next time we’ll meet (I hope) will be in October when you come to Seattle for the NKC Expo.

The Expo is shaping up as a major educational event for patients. I think it will have alot of home dialysis and daily dialysis content. I’ll be posting more as we iron out details.