Constant abdominal pain

I have been doing PD for about 7 months with minimal problems. As of a few days ago I connected as usual, and halfway through my fill I started to feel sharp pain. When full, the pain continued, when lying down in bed the pain became much worse, like someone was squeezing my intestines and not letting up. When I sit in bed the pain subsides but does not go away and it is constantly hard to breath because when inhaling it puts pressure on the abdomen. Lying down is sometimes impossible, so much of my night I sit in my bed in pain. During the work day I am in pain as well but not as much as when I am full of fluid at night. Any ideas?

I hope you called the dialysis nurse right away. Pain on filling is not normal so make sure you did not overfill in any way. Also is there any cloudiness in your effluent? Make sure to let the nurse know if it is cloudy as this may be an indication of peritonitis which can be very painful.

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Thank you for your response jmoser. In further testing and a CT scan it seems that somehow my machine in addition to fluid had pumped a bunch of air in as well. As my body is slowly absorbing the air it is becoming less painful. Not sure how it happened as I inspect my cassettes carefully but it did happen.

I just read about that happening. So sorry to hear that it happened to you. It’s a good reminder to us all to check every piece of the tubing in our set up.

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