Does SDD and SND cause an increase/decrease in problems with constipation or does everything react about the same?

About the same, in my experience. It’s useful to have some Colace or Lactulose handy :slight_smile:

It seems like I’ve read here and elsewhere that people on frequent nocturnal don’t have to take phosphate binders. At my old clinic patients always complained about how constipating they were. Those of you on nocturnal at least 5 days a week, do you notice less constipation without phosphate binders? What about 3-4 days a week?

I honestly don’t see much difference in that respect, even since I’ve stopped taking Tums (but I only ever took 3 regular Tums per day).

With 3-4 days per week Nocturnal, I am not using any phosphate binders and definitely have not felt constipated. Fingers crossed it can stay this way. 8)