Contact federal Senator Bennet about improving dialysis

Spring is in the air with thoughts of spring cleaning once again on our minds at Last year we cleaned house at the state level with the renewal of the Colorado bill for the certification of dialysis techs passed in 2007 (2012 effort had overwhelming bi-partisan support):

This year we are moving on up to the federal level and have spent months educating federal Senator Michael Bennet’s office on the goings-on in dialysis and our suggestions for improving it: (lead article)

As part of this effort we also did an interview with Australian neph Dr. John Agar for an outside opinion of our system:

At this point it would be great to hear from the people actually on the front lines of dialysis: staff and those receiving dialysis. Have your own suggestions for improving dialysis? Have stories to back up our suggestions? Just want to vent? Just want to show your support? Then contact Senator Bennet’s office:

You might also consider contacting your own federal reps and urging them to join this effort:

Outstanding, love Dr. Agar. Good job, Plugger. great job with outstanding research.