Contemplating on the equipment for home hemodialysis

we have currently 2 systems available…a. NX stage one . and b. 2008 (Baby) k@home.
Need advise on the pros and cons of both
Which is better , more functional( assuming they do the same job)
Which gives us more information …
any advice, inputs, personal experiences is greatly appreciated.

sgiridhar, are you on Facebook? This is exactly the sort of question our 5000+ HDC Facebook discussion group members can answer for you. Sadly, not as many folks post to the forums these days, though lots of folks read them.

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I currently use the nxstage system one and an very satisfied. The system makes the dialysate but when you travel, you bring only the cycler and some bags of premixed. They will deliver them to wherever you’re gonna be. I use it for home nocturnal and it is the best treatment short of a transplant. Last month, my INR was 4.35!!

Thank you I will Check it out.

I hope we will be introduce to that system. You do not need to carry heavy bags anymore? Best of luck with nxstage. Where can I find more info. about it?

Carmen Alvarenga

The NxStage website homepage is at There is a section for patients as well as for family and friends.

Thx to one and all for yours contributions suggestion. Much appreciated


It was very nice to hear from you. Where do you live and at what center do you dialyze? Typically, your center might have a way for you to do dialysis at home. I think everybody should be offering the nxstage equipment. If they don’t, let me know and I will try to assist you further.

Good luck because I think that doing dialysis more frequently is key to achieving good results. Going home gives you the opportunity to do dialysis more frequently

Have a great day!

Marty Campbell

PS…Contact me anytime if I can help in any way.

Thanks for your share. Have you a nice day!