Anyone heard of Cordyceps? Its a fungas that grows on the back of a dead caterpillar larve that is/was found high up in the nepalese mountains,tibet&china,in icey conditions.
It is now grown in labority,comes in tinture form&capsule form.It is aimed at getting the kidneys going,i had it for 10 days,then urine passed,i felt a miracle had happened to me as i hadnt passed any urine for 7yrs of haemodialysis.Also i took a chinese herb “Jin Qian Cao” pill,it takes sharp edges off any calculus allowing it to pass with urine.Look on the web for Cordyceps(sinensis)+the chinese herb.
Another gem of the orient “Sun Chlorella A” is responsible for me being taken off all bar the Calsup(calcium),no blood pressure pills,eprex injections,actually i feel really well from taking chlorella,but there’s chlorella+ there’s sun chlorella a,that is the one to get.
After dialysis i used to have to sleep,not now thanks to sun chlorella a,its 58% protien against 100grms beef,well 100grms of chlorella gives my body all it needs in the way of vitamins&protien,has all vit b+b12 more that liver + i am on a vegan diet,i eat all the legumes,but no white food products as they are denuded of nutrients.I eat raw food as much as possible,please all i want to do is help…Willis this for you to read…
If anyone wishes to contact me in regards to the above & live in australia,call me
02 66 290 356,Alan,leave message& phone contact.In all truth we have to help each & everyone who suffers this horrid disease,am open to make contact.::cool:

I have to say that your message was the first time I ever heard of Cordyceps–or Chlorella, for that matter. I’ve never seen Chinese herbs in pill form. Generally TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is in the form it takes from nature–roots, leaves, seahorses, whatever. We strongly urge people NOT to use TCM, largely because one dried up root looks much like another, and substitutions are not uncommon (particularly of lower value products for higher value ones). This means it is very difficult to be sure that what you are getting is really what the practitioner intended, and some TCM products have caused liver or kidney failure.

TCM has been around for thousands of years, and in the hands of a competent professional–in China–may help deal with medical problems that Western medicine doesn’t handle well. But I’m afraid we just can’t trust it in the US. (Not sure about Australia.)