Pierre are you useing the Baby K Fresenius Machine for home.

I must be crazy but I sent in a volunteer application to help our home unit get their Home Hemo Program up and running. So far nothing has broken the ground into getting starting but this sent a jolt. I have had the Nurse Manager, the Nurse Trainer and everyone calling me today to come and meet them to help get this going.

I made the above post. I am so shocked at what I did and the response I got I guess I forgot my own name.

Mine is the earlier Baby K. It’s the same size (shorter than the 2008K they use in-centre), but it doesn’t have the display that turns off. I use a piece of cardboard to block off the light at night.

Pierre, Can I assume your machine has been running good without many breakdowns? Our center is going to use the Baby K’s and I’m anxious to see the difference between those and what we are useing now the 2008H. Does the K machine give you setup instructions step by step. ? Our center seems to think they do but our 2008H doesn’t.

I’m not sure what the newer Baby K displays since I’ve never seen one. But the machine techs tell me the display is identical to mine, except that some of the options are not there because they are not needed by home patients. Mine displays identical to what the in-centre machines do.

My machine does not display every setup up item step by step because it knows nothing about the bloodline tubing you’re putting on it, but it’s good at telling me when to put connectors into port and that kind of thing. For example, if I put it in dialysis mode and I’ve forgotten to put the two connectors into the dialysate jugs, it will beep and tell me on the screen. It’s fairly intuitive as to where you are though, like, it will ask you to confirm your dialysate settings, when to plug a connector into something when disinfecting, etc.

No, I haven’t had many breakdowns at all. I’m actually surprised at just how reliable it is running 8-9 hours every night but one - so far for about 14 months. I have never had a breakdown during treatment, and I’ve never actually had a breakdown that canceled a treatment, except when the R/O broke down a couple of times.


That’s good to hear.