Cruising with NxStage

I was just curious if anyone has traveled on a cruise with their NxStage unit. I am going to the Panama Canal in April 2007 for 10 days with my family and traveling with it for the first time. I have secured a hard travel case from my dialysis unit. I am just curious how the delivery process went as I am assured from NxStage that they will bring it directly on the boat. I got a larger cabin to accomodate for the extra baggage… Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi MIke,

Rick Skiles has taken his NxStage machine on a cruise. We have his story (including the cruise) at: In fact, it’s the featured story this week. (I suspect that a lot of folks just bookmark the discussion boards and miss the rest of this site–there’s a LOT of good stuff here!).