Cycler - Noise

Do any of you experience loud noise from the cycler. If so, what do you do in order to sleep at night. At first, I used ear plugs and it worked, but now it doesn’t appear to work. I am not sure if something is wrong with the cycler.

My cycler is pretty quiet. You might want to have yours checked.

I am assuming that you have a Baxter machine, as the Fresenius one runs on gravity. I have a Baxter Home Choice cycler and have found that if I hit ‘stop’ after the first fill and then ‘go’ when all sound stops, it makes no noise until the drain cycle and by then I am asleep and do not hear anything. Of course I only use one bag of solution. When I used 2 bags, the pumping sound of filling the heater bag did take a bit of getting used to. It should not make so much noise that you cannot sleep. You may need a new cycler, or try placing it farther from your bed. One person on another board said the noise bothered so much that she put the cycler in a hall closet and used longer lines to connect. You can get a patient extension line from Baxter that allows an extra 12 feet onto the patient line. You can also try a sound deadening material under the cycler. Have you called Baxter? I have heard of others who have gone through 3 machines before getting a quiet one. Good Luck, Ginger