I have been on CAPD for about a month now and my PD nurse has told me to start thinking about the cycler. I am barely familiar with manual exchanges and know nothing about CCPD. Any info or hints you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. --Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Did you read the section on this site about CCPD? You can find it at

Also, we have a couple of CCPD stories that you might want to check out at:

Folks who use cyclers can tell you what it’s like for them. In general, you’d have fewer connections to do (just morning and night–and maybe one other exchange), but you’d need to stick close to home for the 8-10 hours it takes. Some people get tubing extenders so they can move around in their homes (not every clinic will pay for these), or disconnect and reconnect between cycles if they need to get something done.

It can take some time to get used to sleeping with a cycler. Usually they’re pretty quiet (some folks like the swooshing noises of the fluid moving around), but some squeak, alarm, or make noises. Sometimes this is because the machine needs repair.

Anyone else??

Hi Bruce, CCPD is the way to go… I am on it for about 2 months. I have no problem sleeping. I am on it for 9 hrs each night. I also have a c-PAP for sleep apnea. I have the Baxter machine on a cart so I can move it if I need to. You can also turn it off during Dwell time ( about 1 1/2 hrs) . :smiley: