Daily - short VS nocturnal

I had occasion to do short daily treatments (2 hours) for a week recently while developing a new buttonhole, and bloodwork in the middle of it. I had just had bloodwork done on nocturnal 2 weeks before. Same circumstances, that is, daily in middle of week (not after an off-day).

K, PO4, Ca, anion gap, etc. were virtually identical (this might change if I was on short daily for longer term, I guess). The only significant difference was in creatinine. Between one daily nocturnal to the next, my creatinine goes up to aprox. 350. Between one short daily to the next, my creatinine goes up to about 650 umol/L.

I don’t know that this has any medical significance at all, because creatinine is not known to actually be harmful in itself. However, I find it interesting that pre-tx Cr is about almost double for short daily. It makes me wonder if there are other non-measured things that would also be doubled.

Where does the extra creatinine come from on short daily? Not sure exactly. I ate about the same - and I also know that I’ve had similar results between short and nocturnal in the past, so it’s consistent. On second thought, I guess it’s because short daily is not long enough to bring creatinine down as much.

I’ve never had nocturnal bloodwork outside of doing it daily, and so I have no idea what my labs would look like if I were doing nocturnal every other day.

Anybody else ever had a chance to directly compare short daily and daily nocturnal results like this? By the way, I’m not posting this as a put down against short daily. While I was doing it, I enjoyed having my nights off dialysis. I did find that I had to watch my fluid intake, though. There’s not enough time on short daily to remove more than a 2 litre gain (unless the treatment time is increased).


Hi Pierre
My pre Creatinine was 572 and post was 152 on alternate Nocturnal a couple of weeks ago.

I’m no Einstein, but I’d guess the extra creat. comes from extra time !!
Since you are on nocturnal for…whatever…8-9 hours for me, versus the 2-3 that Gus & others seem to be on, I’d say you are only depleting while on dx, and only adding when not. So, if both cases are for daily, you have about 16 hours to gain on one; 20+ to gain on the other!
O.K…here’s where the scientific types jump all over the Ursine One’s argument :lol: :lol: :lol: