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Did anyone see or was it just in the phila area. A half hr. bit on the davita company and how they are pushing home hemo with the nxstage. The last time I had check with davita they still didn’t have most of theirs centers set up to train people on home hemo. That’s how I ended up wellspan of york pa. Davita only had one center that home hemo.and only short daily.I had to lol at the questions that were asked about how they treated people. If only that had been true, wow I could just dream of talking to my dr in way that I had pre dialysis. After dialysis no such thing. What I got from this TV thing is the writing on the wall. That the day is near that dialysis providers are going to be pushed to get more people home. Then CMS and the insurance folks can look to to ways of cutting money to centers? Just my thinking

bob obrien

I wonder if that show is on Youtube somewhere? I think you’re right that a bunch of factors have converged that will lead to a LOT more home dialysis (HD and PD) in the near future:
CMS is requiring options education for all dialysis patients - Since lack of awareness that there even was such a thing as home dialysis was one of the biggest barriers, just telling folks about the options will mean that more will go home.
Bundling dialysis payment–including drugs–will create incentives to cut costs. When you remove the incentive of in-center folks using more drugs, the benefits of home become more clear to centers.
Keeping working-age folks working improves centers’ payer mix. When people get work-friendly treatment, it is easier to keep jobs–and health plans. Clinics that have more folks working tend to also have more folks covered by employer group health plans that pay more than Medicare does. Home treatments are work-friendly.
Homeostasis is the bottom line.. Several studies have come out in the past 12 months finding that daily & nocturnal HD have survival that is equivalent to transplant–without the need for costly immunosuppressant drugs. It’s getting harder to argue that 3x/week standard treatment is “adequate.” Adequate for WHAT? It’s surely not adequate for survival, when it’s clear how much better folks could be doing. With these data come a moral imperative to provide better treatment–and that is logistically most easily done at home.

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Hi Dori.
Found this hope it helps, it was local thing here in phila.


I saw a nurse that I recall from my time at Franklin davita. And the Drs they talked too were from Phila . And they really pushed home hemo on nxstage. In fact that is all they showed, were three doing dialysis. At home with nxstage. It was very basic,not bad for a start.I just hope they davita keeps it word on really pushing home hemo and making it easy for the person on dialysis to get the training . it’s on the provider to help the person with an illness make his/her life some what better.
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Hi Bob,

DaVita, as well as Fresenius, Dialysis Centers Incorporated, Renal Advantage, WellBound, Liberty Dialysis, Greenfield Health Systems, and Northwest Kidney Centers are all dialysis providers who sponsor this site and have put substantial resources into growing home dialysis.

The times, they are a changing…

Interesting how Davita is becoming a household name here. Several months ago people would just say ugh by hearing the name Davita, but one thing for sure is that they too are supporting home dialysis technologies such as Nxstage and Nxstage says"Our preferred National Provider" … these are the times and its here. :slight_smile: