Design standards for PD training centre in Hospital

Dear Expert Panel,
I cannot find any design standards for PD training centre in a Hospital setting. There are standards readily available for Haemodialysis. If there are currently no standards…what would be the space and functional requirements. We are looking to design a PD training centre in Qatar. Much appreciated.

I found a 62-page article by BC Renal (Canada) entitled “Best Practices: Peritoneal Dialysis Programs.” This document provides very comprehensive information on setting up a program. Section 8.2 briefly describes the training location.

You might also want to contact the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis.

Thanks Beth. I had also discovered that document which is very helpful in many ways but again no design standards as such. I have also contacted ISPD and have passed on my 'interesting ’ query to seek any answers. The closest design standards I found were a New Zealand Health document referring only basic space requirements of 2 rooms 3x3m with bench and taps. Thanks again Beth. If I found anything I will share.

I found this diagram and description of the physical plant for home dialysis training, which could work for HD or PD on Fresenius’ Advanced Renal Education Program (AREP) site.