Deteriorating Reliability of the PHD

I have an A-series PHD that has been in use since October 2003. It’s reliability had been on the rise due to software and hardware upgrades and design changes such as the threads for the chem bottles. The dialysate tank developed a leak in October 2004 and was replaced. The field engineer told me that the original tank was a G-series and the replacement was a J-series. The replacement tank lasted just 3 months before it leaked and required replacement. The second replacement tank has been in service only 3 weeks and it has developed a leak and will be replaced today. It’s fortunate that I’m in the Seattle area and get really excellent service support. However, a dialysate tank leak costs at least 2 days of lost treatment and one time resulted in a back-up treatment in-center. Seems to me if Aksys is ever going to be profitable and the users consistently satisfied that measures to cure this manufacturing and/or design deficiency need to be taken ASAP. I’d like feedback from you other folks on reliability issues.


Joe glad you posted and hope you get some response. Have to say I have read more post on the Aksys having problems than I have in favor of it. If you go through the posts on the second page under “Aksys is a Pain” you can see you aren’t the only one who has had problems. Only unfortunately the other patient wasn’t in an area that had great service. I would think they would get there act together a little better. Our unit at home is going to start a program and I am interested in hearing what happens here. The program will be in Sayre, Pa. and I doubt there will be a many service personnel around.

Hi Joe - it sounds like we are in the same boat - nearly. My A series PHD has been in use since August 2002 and right now it is still chugging right along, in fact I just got on for tonight’s run. I too am concerned by what I am hearing about the new tanks as well as what I am hearing from a variety of sources about the company’s future.

Where do you go to back up? Do you have to come into Seattle? One thing I am sure of: I am sure that NKC will find a way to make sure we have a daily home hemo option.

Hi Bill,

I travel to Seattle and do back-up at NKC-Haviland in the PEU. Fortunately, I’ve only had to do it twice. The commercial centers here on the peninsula in Port Orchard and Bremerton have no room. They’re running 3 shifts/day, 7 days/week.

Yes, I’m seriously concerned about the viability of Aksys as a company. If I discount the reliability issues, I’m really pleased with the PHD. However the repair frequency is outrageous and has to be costing the company a fortune. I can certainly understand why some users are unhappy since they probably don’t have the excellent technical support available to them in the timely fashion that we do.