Develop a new continuing training program for HD nurses

I am working on developing a new continuing training program with a leading pharma company dedicated to HD nurses. Our goal is to keep HD nurses updated with the latest technology and knowledge and to boost your career. It would be great to better understand what HD nurses really need and expect from such a training. Would anyone like to share your opinions about that? It would be very helpful. Thank you very much in advance!
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Educating more dialysis nurses about Peritoneal Dialysis. In-center nurses and technicians lack nearly all the basic essential knowledge of PD and share quips that are inaccurate and usually based on lack of education or a myth. Technicians and nurses are first line that patients speak with and ask about home and I would venture to say 90% of hemodialysis nurses have zero experience.

Advanced education utilizing Fresenius machines would be helpful. Reviewing how Online clearance testing can tell you if a patient is clotting, if their graft is reversed, if they are recirculating, if their access is shot. Most people do not use OLC and KECN to it’s fullest capabilities. There may be more Jon dialysis patients but that is directly related to a nephrologist deciding the patients success levels or not even providing them the option.

Last educational topic is stop over dialyzing new starts and when using a crit line on a acute/new start, leave volume adjusts between 0-5% vs the standard 10-15% for patients without urine. Ask patients if they urinate and continue to continue to track their urine output and stop being so focused on fluid removal which can reduce their residual kidney function later.

Make a peritoneal dialysis Continuing training is my final answer! Happy 2022

The American Nephrology Nurses Association publishes the Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing. Here’s the link to the table of contents.

Medical Education Institute that administers this forum publishes the Core Curriculum for the Dialysis Technician. You can order this and view the table of contents from this site.