Device for a patient training for PD who has depth perception problems

We have a PD patient who is in training and has depth perception issues and can’t make his connections safely. Is there a device out there that can help with this.

Theresa Niemenski RN

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My daughter has the same issue. I have been doing her connections but she would love to do it on her own. I hope you find a device that will help.

Marcia H

Would you find that a one handed device…a device that would hold either the transfer set or the connection line tightly and securely would help? Or what area would you find most helpful with a device? ( I am currently trying to develop something for everyone! At the end of the day PD can be and should be a caretaker free experience. That feeling of empowerment and self care is what type of device we are looking to create! Please post ideas as we work on it

This article on the main Home Dialysis Central website describes a couple of devices to help make connections for people with vision problems as well as suggestion for people with other limitations.