Diabetes and hypertension


Can you tell me please how exactly diabetes and hypertension lead to chronic kidney disease?

I know that diabetes and hypertension damage the small vessels.

But how exactly they cause kidney failure?

Do they make the glomerular vessels more permeable? Or gradually less permeable due to atherosclerosis or scarring? What exactly damage is responsible for CKD?

Is the Bowman capsule and/or tubules damages? How exactly?


Kidney School is a great website with 16 educational modules that you can work through online to get a treatment plan or that you can download and read or listen to. These modules are designed to answer questions about the causes of kidney disease, lab tests, types of dialysis, coping, sexuality/fertility, activity, and much, much more. I encourage you to check it out.

Thanks that’s great source! I still couldn’t figure out something please.

When glomerulosclerosis takes place, how can we have protein leakage and toxin retention?

I mean protein leakage means that the glomeruli are very permeable while toxin retention means that they are little permeable.

I assume GFR decrease occurs due to glomerulosclerosis and the fluid cannot pass and produce the hyperfiltrate? But how protein leakage comes into play?

Any idea?


These are medical questions, Nefros. Please ask Dr. Agar.