Diabetes Management & Online Tools

Interesting article about Diabetes Management and Second Life…

“Brave New Worlds: How Virtual Environments Can Augment Traditional Care in the Management of Diabetes”

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Volume 2, Issue 4, July 2008

New technologies, such as online networking tools, offer innovative ways to engage patients in their diabetes
care. Second Life (SL) is one such virtual world that allows patients to interact in a 3D environment with peers
and healthcare providers. This article presents a framework that demonstrates how applications within SL can
be constructed to meet the needs of patients with diabetes, allowing them to attend group visits, learn more
about lifestyle changes, and foster a sense of support and emotional well-being. This experiential approach to
education may prove more engaging, and therefore successful, than existing strategies. Addressing concerns
relating to privacy and liability is a necessary first step to engage providers in this new approach to patient

Full article can be found at http://www.journalofdst.org/