Dialysis at sea

Did somebody used Dialysis at sea to go on a cruise and what is the feedback?

I’ve booked a cruise for November (Liberty) - and from Canada too! Small world! I hope it’s great! It’s our first time away in 4 years!


Kidney Mom

I have a friend who was a home training nurse in “real life” and was a dialysis nurse on a couple of Dialysis at Sea cruises several years ago. She went to the Caribbean and to Alaska. There were two nurses and a nephrologist on the cruise. She said they did dialysis when the ship was at sea so the patients could spend time on shore or doing ship activities when they weren’t on dialysis. She had terrific pictures of the patients she dialyzed with the staff at fancy dinners. One thing that keeps more people from taking these cruises is that Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of dialysis which as I recall is higher than the Medicare composite rate in the U.S.

I have heard that patients who do PD or home hemodialysis have gone on regular cruises.

Here’s an article about traveling by plane with home dialysis equipment and supplies in case you’re taking any equipment or supplies with you to the port from which the ship is sailing: