Dialysis in Madison, ME

Hopefully not off topic, but I’m trying to find out about dialysis in Madison next year. I’ve been invited to a friends wedding!!

Home haemo is going mostly OK. Although I’m still really getting my head that I may be on it for a very very long time…

Hope everyones enjoyed Easter…


Hi Folka

can’t tell about dialysis ups and downs in anyplace. outside of what one hears on this board.

As to getting your head. Some of that depends on your age and what going on outside of dialysis.

The idea of living on dialysis for long time in my case. I’m 52 have had too many other medical issues over the yrs. I wouldn’t make the list to start. With the nxstage and will be hopeful for advances as the yrs go by to make it even better. So from the start I understood and was Ok with doing dialysis the rest of my life… I just needed to get a set of rules(whatever there called) that made everyone ok with it. Mostly me, I was the key to the whole thing. If I was wasn’t happy or at least comforted with , then it wouldn’t work. The only concern I have is seeing the day where davita and fmc own all dialysis…

It’s good to look into things as far in advance as you can, just get things on paper… Take no ones words

Bob O’brien


Thanks, yes thats general sound advice, I’m still fairly youngish, in my 30’s sometimes feel a lot younger Sometimes a lot lot older…

I share your concerns about fmc, they’re trying to take over the UK anyway,

For me I think an NXstage would make home dialysis many many times more attractive. Haha maybe I can steal one when I go to the US… Oh how the technicans would laugh!

Hi JW,

You can look for a dialysis clinic in Madison, ME on Dialysis Finder (http://www.dialysisfinder.com. I would assume that since there aren’t that many clinics in Maine, you’d want to contact a clinic pretty early to get a slot while you’re there. You can also look clinics up in Dialysis Facility Compare, so if you have more than one choice you can decide between them: http://www.medicare.gov/dialysis.

Dori, as an alternative, MEI can move it’s offices tempoarily from Madison, WI to Madison, ME and have an assortment of home machines for visitors to use.

Hi JW,

Can relate to ‘getting my head around the long time bit’… it is difficult at times, somes day more then others. I am in my late 20’s, and have been on dialysis for 4.5 years now.

I’m in Canada, so can’t offer any advice about your upcoming trip/wedding. Hopefully you can make it work. It is great to get away.